Albert VanEe
Albert has been in the construction industry since 1976. He worked on his first of many environmentally sensitive homes in 1981, marking the beginning of more sustainable building and making green construction a priority. His intense interest in natural surroundings merges into his designs using a creative use of space and light. His passion for the environment lead Albert to become a certified Sustainable Building Advisor. Albert’s vision is to design and create homes that fulfill the owner’s desires, while in keeping with sensitive environmental practices.

Jubi Steinhauer
Born and raised in the Okanagan valley, Jubi is a well educated, self taught builder who has his journeyman’s equivalency. Over the past decade, the melding of Jubi’s artistic and entrepreneurial background, along with his organized and detail oriented sensibilities, have made him an accomplished builder and craftsman. His personal interest in sustainable building practices and quality sets him apart as someone who will create a home with the same passion and conscientiousness as if he was building for his own family. He will always put in the extra effort required to make sure his clients needs and desires are met. Jubi is easy to get along with and has a natural way with people which allows a feeling of trust and understanding to quickly develop. When not building Jubi and his family enjoy the many recreational opportunities that the Okanagan lifestyle has to offer, from team sports to backcountry skiing.